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Verus Dog Food is a premium canine nutrition brand that provides high-quality and balanced meals for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Crafted with a commitment to optimal health and well-being, Verus Dog Food stands out for its carefully selected, natural ingredients that prioritize the nutritional needs of dogs.

Each recipe is thoughtfully formulated by experts, including veterinarians and pet nutritionists, to ensure a well-rounded and complete diet for dogs. It is made with premium ingredients, such as premium meats, vegetables, and grains, focusing on quality protein sources to support muscle development and overall vitality.

Verus Dog Food Review

Friends, I have always told you to be cautious in food selection for your beloved dog. And most importantly, is it suitable for your dog? It is very important to know all this before use.

Below, we are going to learn about its sourcing and manufacturing.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Who Makes Verus Dog Food, and in What Country Is It Made?

Friends, if we talk about the foundation of this Verus food, it was introduced in 1993 by Russell Armstrong. It has been around for years as a family-owned and operated business specializing in dry food manufacturing in upstate New York. Some foods are also produced in South Dakota and packaged in Blue Label cans. Some other food labels are also produced in New Zealand in large specialist and EU-certified facilities.

Where to Buy Verus Dog Food

You can buy this dog food from various websites, online orders and by visiting pet stores. Before buying, check carefully So that this is not a fake product.

Is Verus a Good Dog Food

“Yes” Verus is a good food because it uses high-quality premium ingredients to give your canine a healthy life.

What Type of Dog Is Verus Food Suitable For?

Verus is a range of dog food suitable for all dogs regardless of breed, size, small or large, or breed. It has a special range of canine foods that cater to different dogs. It helps feed your dog according to their condition so that your dog can digest it easily.

It offers your dog various types such as grain-free, grain-rich, dry kibble, and canned food. Now, you can judge what kind of offer your dog needs based on your dog’s condition, which your dog can easily digest.

Has Verus Dog Food Been Recalled

However, if we talk about the recall history of this food, it raises many concerns. According to some of our research team, this food has never been recalled. However, a little research revealed that it has been recalled several times.

So we can’t tell you anything about it right now.

What Type Of Dog May Use Different Brands?

If your dog isn’t completely satisfied with one food, check it out with a veterinarian who will give it a taste of different brands. Whatever brand your dog likes, he will recommend using it.

At What Temperature Is The Verus Cooked?

Verus is cooked at a very low temperature. Because higher temperatures reduce its nutritional value, making it unpalatable for canines.

It is prepared slowly at a very low temperature to make this food completely nutritious.

What is The Expiration Date of Verus Dog Foods?

If you check the expiry date of this food, it is available for a long time. As it contains high-quality ingredients, it does not spoil easily.

The expiration date of this brand of dog food is at least 3 years after the food is manufactured.

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Verus Dog Food

What Ingredients Are Used in Verus Dog Food?

Friends, if we talk about the ingredients used in the dog food Verus, many common and many other ingredients are used.

Commons Ingredients

Chicken mealGround oat groatsGround brown rice
saltvitamin E supplementl-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate 
calcium carbonateBiotinvitamin A supplement
vitamin D3 supplementFolic acidvitamin B12 supplement
selenium yeastIron proteinateManganese proteinate

Amount of nutrient content

Method ProteinCarbsFat
Guaranteed Analysis24٪NA15٪ 
Dry Matter Basis27٪49% 17٪
Calorie Weighted Basis23٪42%35٪

Chicken: Like other Khanehkhane brands, the use of chicken is this brand’s most important and first ingredient. A dog food like Verus contains about 300% more protein, which is rich in nutrients and beneficial for canines.

Oats: If we talk about other important ingredients in this food, the name of oats comes first. This ingredient also contains calories. The ingredients used in it do not include gluten at all.

Rice bran: The third ingredient is rice bran, obtained from the by-product after milling rice. In addition to fiber, bran grains, starch, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals are also found.

Lamb/Lamb Meal: Lamb is a protein sourced from various animals rich in amino acids and extremely low in fat. Lamb is also high-quality in this food and is considered the highest protein.

Menhaden Fish Meal: Menhaden fish is also used as an ingredient in Verus Dog Food, a product made from the ground tissue of menhaden cuttings. Menhaden fish provide a unique range of protein, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.

Salmon: Salmon is considered an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is proven to promote healthy immunity and skin and coat health. It is also very helpful in reducing inflammation.

Barley is a carbohydrate used as an ingredient to provide fiber and other nutrients. It is full of grain and gives your dog energy. This ingredient is rarely used in dogs.

Potato: White potatoes are another ingredient in this dog food, a good carbohydrate source. It has a good ratio of fiber to protein, which helps keep the dog full.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes, a good carbohydrate source, are also used as an ingredient in this dish. It also contains various vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene.

Lentils: It also uses pulses to provide B vitamins, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates that control blood sugar levels in most diabetic dogs. 

Peas: This dog food also includes peas, which are a good source of carbohydrates, along with fiber, vitamins C and E, and zinc. And it is completely grain-free.

Chicken Fat: Foods like Verus also contain plenty of chicken fat, which is important in providing a canine with a nutritious diet.

Along with various ingredients, beet pulp is also added to it. Their involvement is considered acceptable.

Alfalfa meal contains 18% protein and 25% fiber.

Is Verus Dog Food Grain Free

Verus is a food that consists of different formulas; some are grain-rich, and some are grain-free. If your dog can tolerate grains, you can use a grain-filled formula.

Grains can cause problems for canines. So try to far off your canine of this formula.

3 Best Verus Dog Food RecipesVerus Dog Food

1: Verus Life Advantage Dry Dog Food

Verus Life Advantage Dry Dog Food also contains various high-quality ingredients such as chicken meal, ground oat groats, ground brown rice, rice bran, and chicken fat. These ingredients support your dog’s nutritional needs and are formulated to meet AAFCO food nutritional profiles.

The chicken used in this dog food recipe is raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. It contains 24% crude protein and 15% crude fat. It contains no by-products, artificial colours, flavours, or fillers.
Verus Life Advantage uses dried live probiotics and chicory root extract in this formula to support digestion and healthy immunity.

This recipe is expensive and full of grains. Available for dogs of all ages and breeds except those with allergies.

No meat by-products or fillers

Supports healthy digestion and immunity
Not meant for dogs with chicken allergy
No artificial colours or flavours
Chelated minerals for optimal absorption

2: Cold Water Fish, Fresh Dry Dog Food

Verus Cold Water Fish Fresh for Canine is a completely grain-free formula and an excellent recipe for dogs with allergies. Assays include ingredients such as wild-caught salmon, menhaden fish meal, lentils, chickpeas, and peas, rich in protein and omega fatty acids.

Like other recipes, this recipe does not contain any meat products or fillers, and it does not contain any artificial flavours or colours. And for a strong body, it includes freeze-dried live probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3 fish oil, and L-carnitine.
No corn, wheat, soy, or sugar is used in this recipe.

This standard recipe is especially suitable for dogs with allergies or who prefer a grain-free diet. And like recipes, it is quite expensive.

Great for allergy sufferers

Wild-caught salmon is the first ingredient
Not for dogs on a grain-based diet.
No meat by-products or fillers
No artificial colours or flavours

3: Turkey and Veggie Pate Canned Food

Turkey and Veggie Patties Canned food is available in a patty form that contains many valuable ingredients such as turkey, turkey broth, turkey liver, brown rice, and oats.

Like the others, this formula is formulated to control the different stages of your dog’s life and meet AAFCO food nutrient profiles, which are used as a complete food. Canned food is very tasty and is full of hydration and moisture. Dogs with missing or broken teeth can also chew it.

Turkey is a high-quality protein rich in amino acids. Its can is completely BPA-free and can be recycled.

This food proves to be quite costly for large dogs to feed in large quantities.

BPA-free cansBPA-free cansExpensive
Rich in moisture

What other customers are saying about Verus Dog Food

It is very important to know what other customers think about the food. It’s important to know people’s reactions before trying dog food. Below, we will let you know the negative and positive reviews.

Negative Review

According to the owner of the dog, after using this diet, my dog is gaining weight, unable to walk or run well, and suffering from digestive problems.

Another customer says her dog has slept all day since eating this food. He seems to be suffering from various health problems.

Positive Review

A canine owner says that since he started preferring this food for his dog, he seems very active and energetic.

Another customer said that his dog, who used to forget his duties, has been healthy and doing well since he started feeding them, Verus.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Verus Dog Food a Good Food?

Ans: Friends, if you consider, this food uses very good quality and valuable ingredients full of nutrients. According to me, it is a good brand.

Where is Verus Dog Food Made?

Ans: This dog food is made in different states, including New York and Ohio. Some of its formulas are also manufactured in South Dakota.

Who Owns Verus Dog Food?

Ans: This high-quality food is owned by Russell Armstrong, who has it prepared under the guidance of an expert veterinary team.


Verus Dog Food is a testament to a commitment to canine well-being and nutritional excellence. With its emphasis on high-quality, natural ingredients, transparent sourcing, and expert formulation, Verus goes above and beyond to provide dogs with a balanced and nourishing diet. The brand’s dedication to transparency, sustainability, and the avoidance of artificial additives underscores its genuine concern for the health and happiness of our furry companions.

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