Can Cats Eat Yams?

Can Cats Eat Yams? Cooking and eating yams increases as the holiday season approaches. Cat owners are worried about whether cats Eat Yams. Yams or sweet potatoes are given the same name. In the United States, sweet potatoes are called yams because real yams are hard to come by in America.

The answer to this question is short: they are safe for cats. But it still uses some ingredients or materials that are harmful to use. In this article, we will know the Benefits/Risks of Cats Eating Yams, yams vs. Sweet Potato vs. White Potato, and Can Cats Eat Candied Yams? Yams & Cat’s Diet: Can Cats Eat Yams? Its Ingredients: How do you feed yams to your cats? Can Cats Eat Canned Yams? Can Cats Eat Purple Yam? Can Cats Eat Yams Skin? Can Kittens Eat Yams?

About Yams

In America, sweet potatoes are called yams. Yams are the most difficult to find in the entire region of America. Yams are grown mostly in Africa and sold in North America. Yams are also popular among perennial herbs. They can be cultivated in temperate and tropical regions.

Can Cats Eat Yams?

Yes, friends, your cat can eat these yams. But while eating them, make sure that they are well cooked.

If your cat eats raw yams due to your carelessness, they can be poisonous, which equates to risk-taking. 

Yam vs. Sweet Potato vs. White Potato

Yams are used as a vegetable compared to white rust potatoes. They are starchy and full of water, available at grocery stores. The yams sold in local markets are orange sweet potatoes.

A yam consists of rough, brown skin and yellow flesh that tastes neutral. A sweet potato has thin, red skin and a sweet taste.

Cats love eating both yams and sweet potatoes. But be aware that some yams can be poisonous and cause many cat problems. Therefore, these yams should be eaten cooked in the best way.

Never feed raw white potatoes to cats because they can contain solanine toxins.

Can Cats Eat Candied Yams?

Candied yams made from yams or sweet potatoes are very popular during the holiday season. But keep cats away from it because it contains ingredients like brown sugar, marshmallows, and butter, a concentrate of sugar and fat your cat can’t digest. Only plain yams are safe for cats. Other yams cause obesity, diabetes, and high blood sugar for them.

Yams & Cat’s Diet

Cats need to be fed a protein-rich diet to keep them healthy. Only meat can fulfill their nutritional needs. Yams are used as a human vegetable. Feeding cats has no special benefits, but your cats may enjoy them. Some yams can be beneficial for cats, and some can be poisonous.

Yams contain fiber that can cause cat diarrhea. And if your cat is suffering from constipation, these yams can be beneficial.

Yams can have many advantages and disadvantages. But try to keep cats away from them as it can cause weight gain and diarrhea.

Can Cats Eat Yams? Its Ingredients

Vegetables like yams are rich in nutrients.

Fibervitamins C and B6

How to feed yams to your cats?

To make your cat enjoy yams, cook them well and feed them because cooking destroys their toxicity. 

Let cats enjoy very small amounts of yams. If you are using yams for stomach cleansing, one spoonful is enough.

Never cook yams with seasoning, oil, sugar, or other ingredients.

If you don’t like the rough skin on yams, peel them off with a knife

Are Yams Poisonous to Cats?

No, simple yams are not toxic; rather, it is very beneficial to cook them well. Some Yams are also full of sugar and fat amounts that are bad for cats. So try to protect your cats from yams like these.

Yams high in sugar and fat can cause cat gastrointestinal problems, such as obesity. Cats love nutritious food. You can only feed cats yams as a snack, not a regular diet.

Can Cats Eat Purple Yam?

Yes, friends, you can feed your cats purple yams. Provided it is well cooked. So you can use them without judgment.

Can Cats Eat Canned Yams?

Canned yams can be fed to cats, but they contain many preservatives, sugars, and fillers that are not good for felines. If you want your cat to enjoy yams, clean them thoroughly and use them without spices or butter.

Can Cats Eat Yams Skin?

Cats only eat the flesh of yams and not their skin because they contain pesticides and chemicals that can harm cats’ health. To use them, dig or peel the meat from the skin first.

Can Kittens Eat Yams?

Kittens are very innocent. And their stomach is also very sensitive. Therefore, they should not be fed yams as they do not have the strength to digest them.

Young children are more at risk than Adult children from consuming the toxins in yams.

It can cause many problems for kittens, such as the effects of fiber laxatives, diarrhea, dehydration, and frequent visits to the vet.

Benefits/Risks of Cats Eating Yams

Although these sweet potatoes and yams are safe for cats, they may not be nutritious food. Cats eat meat that is not available to them.

Cats need vitamin C to survive. However, the requirement for vitamin C in food is low because cats can produce vitamin C in their livers.​

Frequent bowel movements can make your cat feel dehydrated.

Sweet potatoes and certain tubers contain compounds such as polyphenols or tannins, which act as anti-nutrients to block vitamins and minerals from cat food. And they try hard to stop the action of digestive enzymes.

Healthy Alternatives to Yams for Cats

There are many alternatives to feeding cats yams that you can use instead, like sweet potatoes instead of real yams.

Pumpkin is a great alternative if your cat consumes chicken-rich food such as Castor & Pollux Organics, Dry Cat Food Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipes.

Can cats eat yam ice cream?

Cat likes ice cream very much. But it is not suitable for them because it is sweet.

How can I introduce yams into my cat’s diet?

If you want to use yams in your cat’s food, add a small number each day, i.e., half a spoonful. After a few days, use two spoons. After 15 or 20 days, you can increase it further. If there is any unusual activity, such as vomiting or diarrhea, consult your doctor immediately.


Can Cats Eat Yams? If the answer to this question is brief, “yes,” But too much or continuous use can be dangerous for cats. It can cause your cat to experience problems like diarrhea and vomiting. You can use yams but in very small quantities.

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